With its aesthetics, its use will charm you in all aspects.
Here is our masterpiece.

True innovation being user friendly :

  • No need for tools to fix it.
  • No need to disassemble his dripper.
  • No leaks.
  • No unsightly screws visible.
  • He is handsome !

We have chosen the best materials to guarantee you a perfect comfort.
The flawless conductivity of a silver plated brass makes it possible to have perfect contact each time and no frequent maintenance.

The insulation is in ultem. Ultem is a durable material with the most exotic coils.
A transparent or colored door will be of the most beautiful effect.

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Feedback after a month of use of a convinced user:

The big fact is the absence of leak. Therefore, no maintenance for the moment at the level of the connectors and the plate (Zero oxidation)

The setting of the pin … Finally without tools. We change atomizer as fast as a picture on Tinder … Just a swipe.

No problems of electric arc either. The plate match without space and without force with the connector. I lower my batteries to 3.5 volts without realizing it.


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