In the Gaulish roots Bren was the War Chief, the leader.

Brennus being our first box, this choice is legitimate. For show our skills and our French expertise, here come the leader.

Sturdy and powerful, yet refined elegance, this box will make you crack by its pleasant grasp and its slender curves.The design allows to protect all atomizers of 23.5mm or less what is suitable for the high-end equipment at your disposal.

The embedded electronics is a dna40 or 60 from Evolv. A reliable value for maximum reliability.

The noble materials are de rigueur for this luxurious box.The perfect combination between the lightness of aluminum and the texture of a unique stabilized wood.

Our last and most demanding requirement was not to use any adhesive for the electronics and cables. The connections are mechanical.

Several prototypes were necessary in order to achieve this and the result … is splendid!
The dimensions of the Brennus are: 88x50x30 mm.

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Here some Pictures make brennus come alive :

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EUR Euro
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