Lugdun’ohm V2

Lugudunum is the name of the Gaulish site that gave birth to Lyon, cradle of La Box Française, a wonderful city with delicious dishes.

The lugdun’ohm is part of the flagship of the box in 3D printing.
Many aspects of its design (including its connector) are the result of hard work.

Why 3D printing rather than machining? 3D printing is a great tool rarely exploited to its full potential, the internal shapes of the lock, the extractor, the lamella housing to not flay the battery are not machinable.
This is not a simple square box

What is she more than the others? Details tell me, a box in 3D printing is a plate a battery a connector and that’s it ..
Is that all ?

Let’s see more :

  • We have solved the problem of the battery that is struggling to get out of the box by adding a “battery extractor” in satin that is securely attached to the box. The “cowboy strikes” to finally get out the battery are of ancient history
  • 950/1000 silver slat hardened cold cut No bad contact through this. It is also screwed at the box which totally prevents it from going out accidentally during a fall or a cleaning.
  • Very small (71x41x24) it will slip it in all your pockets or in the handbag of madame already loaded.
  • BF Pin LBF
  • The switch can be locked by a simple quarter turn clockwise. No need to be always wary when transporting your equipment.
  • A user manual has been written on the back of the door to remind you of some basic rules of safety.
  • Packaging is eco friendly. She arrives in a cardboard box enveloped in a paper of silk / velvet.
  • Black carbon finish with “smooth touch”


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