Vae Victis

Vae Victis (woe to the vanquished) is our last creation.

Vae Victis is an innovative box bottom feeder.  It has a convenient access system to the battery and the bottle.

We are sure that you will take as much pleasure in using it as we have had to develop it.

Easy to live and use, it remains discreet in a pocket thanks to its small dimensions (71.5x25x41 mm) and its featherweight of 34 grams.

Its connector will allow you to be safe. Unscrew 3/4 turn and say goodbye to any untimely start during the transport of your box. It will also bring you all the power you want thanks to its exemplary conductivity and ease of adjustment.

Simple details for some, a major concern for us! Are the details really?

Let’s see this more ready:

  • A removable top cap allows easy bottle exit.
  • The cold-rolled 950/1000 silver lamella will keep its elasticity for years. Say goodbye to false contacts and loss of power. It will save you the burden of maintaining contacts.
  • Screwed to the box which prevents it from going out or accidentally staggered during a fall or cleaning.
  • Very small (71.5 x 25 x 41.5 mm) it will fit in all your pockets or in the handbag of already well-loaded lady.
  • Double window access to the bottle, left and right handed will find their account.
  • LBF connector silver plated and adjustable without tools.
  • Black carbon finish with smooth feel.
  • A constantly evolving offer to customize your box.
EUR Euro
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